Vet Tech Careers, Jobs & Salaries

Vet Tech Careers, Jobs & Salaries

People love their pets, and require excellent care not only from their primary veterinarian, but also from the vet technologists and technicians who assist veterinarians.

What is a Vet Tech?

Vet techs perform functions for veterinarians in much the same way that nurses help out doctors. They perform medical tests, help diagnose conditions, and assist in veterinary surgery.

Veterinary technicians usually work with veterinarians in private clinics, assisting in animal care and laboratory work. Veterinary technologists, meanwhile, though they also work in private clinics, have more training and may work in research-related fields.

Vet techs usually spend a lot of time doing lab tests, such as blood counts. They also assist the vets in operations, regular check-ups, and long-term animal care when needed. Vet techs typically clean cages and examination rooms, care for animals that are recovering from surgery, and take and develop x-rays.

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