Qualites That Make For Great Veterinary Professionals

  • Patience - Veterinarians understand that the job can be stressful.
  • Good business sense - In addition to patience, veterinarians need patients! Vet offices need to be well-managed, be able to collect fees or set up sustainable payment plans for clients, hire good vet techs and staff, and more. Running a tight ship helps to ensure that the office will be around for a long time - and time is what is needed to establish a client base.
  • Fine motor skills - Performing delicate surgeries (think kittens, turtles, and rats - surgery on the miniature scale) requires excellent hand-eye coordination, a steady hand, good eyesight or corrected eyesight, and clear mental faculties.
  • Vets should enjoy working with animals, have a desire to relieve their suffering, and have empathy for the owner-pet bond.
  • A desire for life-long learning is important for any medical professional.

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