FAQs About Working Students & Education

FAQs About Working Students & Education

How can I go to school and continue working?

If you work full-time, consider going to school part-time. Many programs are designed to accommodate working students and offer evening and weekend courses. Another option is online education. An online program is great for working students because it allows you to "go" to class on your own time. You complete lessons at your own pace and study from the comforts of home. Students with full-time jobs find that online degrees fit in neatly with their lives.

What is the federal work study program?

The Federal Work-Study Program creates jobs for students at the school they attend. Students are allotted a certain amount of money for the year and work for minimum wage (sometimes, more) until they reach their limit. Jobs are offered to qualifying students in dormitories, the admissions office, individual departments, and more. Students might also find work study opportunities off-campus with non-profit organizations or other public interest groups.

Will my school help me find a job?

Many schools do help students find part-time work. Nearly every school offers career development services that are aimed at helping students find employment for after graduation, but many offer a part-time job search service as well. In fact, many area employers will advertise job openings for students through the career services office. Visit your school's career services department to find out how they can help you find work.

How can I find a paid internship?

Your school's career services department should be an excellent resource for finding an internship. Most internships are not paid, though some certainly are. In addition to your career services office, the Internet has so many great resources for finding internships. If there's a company you really are interested in working for, find their website and see if there is information about internships. If not, pick up the phone and see what you can find out. Another great place to find internships is MonsterTRAK, which offers a search engine to help find internship opportunities.

What is employer tuition assistance?

Many organizations will help pay for the cost of their employees to go to school. Often referred to as tuition assistance or tuition reimbursement, some employers cover the cost of an employee's college tuition 100%. Some caveats, however, might be that the degree program must be relevant to the employee's current job field, and many require a work commitment of several years after the tuition money is paid.

How can I do a better job of balancing work and school?

Time management can be a difficult skill to develop. For students with demanding jobs, an online degree might be a smart option, as it allows you to work on your own schedule rather than that of a campus program. Also, many schools offer students assistance with time management skills and other support services. It's never a bad idea to seek out the resources a school offers for free.

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